Hans Biwi Lechner

Our campus has open studios every 2nd Saturday and on one of those Saturdays  Hans wondered into my studio and we said hello, later,  in our art/studio ritual we have a group after party of several artists on of the decks downstairs.  At my friends studio, Hans was there and we got to visit and talk more about his work and travels, I was really happy to find him there!   Needless to say he was, as suspected,  a very interesting and intriguing artist.  At that time, he was putting together a show of drawings on substrates made of fast food containers.  The drawings were simple but intriguing, and the subsequent show was very successful.    Hans BIWI Lechner is a rolling stone, a native Austrian, his travels have informed his art, creating a  ‘rolling stone’ that has rolled across the world as a conceptual art project.  His website demonstrates all the places his stone has travelled, photographed in the many (thousands) of people that have been  “united beyond religion, color, money or nationality.  People are united in their common search for the meaning of life.  They are connected with each other in their quest…”  (courtesy getstoned.cc)  Hans is back in Houston and here for another show and you won’t want to miss it!  Check out the details below.

Dec. 28, 2018 6-9pm

Winter Street Studio B12 .  Studio of Mitch Samuels who will also be hosting  Anat Ronen along with Hans,  Anat is a prolific artist that creates murals around the world.

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Anat Ronen