Emily Dingmann and Elena Soterakis

Observance of Form 1

Emily Dingmann and Elena Soterakis met in college in New York  at the School of Visual Arts.  They were also room mates and shared the experience of walking in Gramercy Park which requires a key, they had one,  and seeing the likes of Ethan Hawke, Uma Thurman and Chole Sevigny among others,  this, made for a very unique college life experience.     Each have since pursued art on different coasts,  on the east coast Elena has received her MFA and is adjunct professor of Visual Arts at Suffolk County Community College, and has exhibited in various galleries, including Flowers Gallery, Sotheby’s New York, the NPR/WNYC Jerome L. Greene Space, and many others.  She received a residency from the Constance Saltonstall Foundation, and has numerous accomplishments under her belt.   On the 3rd coast,  Emily was busy in her Winter street studio creating ‘Concrete Zen’ a series that explores  the search ‘for spontaneous peace in an impatient world’ .  Elena had also worked on a series called ‘Ecocide’ , exploring another theme of  conflict  between our natural environment and our throw away society.  As these women have gone their separate ways with Emily landing in Houston, and Elena in Brooklyn, they recently were able to collaborate in the ‘Come Together’ show up in Winter Street Studios   5/14-8/11; during which they stated the collaboration felt like ” improv jazz” and they were able to produce some pretty interesting work entitled Observance of Form and felt this body of work could be matured and decided another collaboration was needed.   Observance of Form will “explore the ritualistic and meditative process behind the creation of form and how it exits within an environment and space ” says Emily.   The show will open August 3, 2018 at Winter Street Gallery , and run until August 7, 2018.  Check out the interview and visit the websites below.



2101 Winter Street Studio  Gallery Upstairs

Houston, TX 77007