Ellen H. Ray SEASON TWO Episode 1

Welcome to SEASON TWO! There has been a bit of a hiatus, not intended, but it just happened.  I appreciate the patience of the following artist, Ellen H. Ray, with me in getting the podcast up.  Unfortunately, we talk a bit about a show that has passed, but you can catch her new show now, except, its Covid-19 social distancing season, so maybe it can stay up past this event, details below.  Please subscribe to the podcast and tell your friends.

Ellen H Ray is an artist who has arrived, in every sense of the word.   I resist saying she has come to her own art life, after raising a family, she can tell you that story for herself on the podcast, I say instead, she has arrived!  Her work will speak truth to that declaration,  Ellen who believes in many principals of Jungian philosophy, and recently was a featured artist at the prestigious venue, The Jung Center,  puts a lot of depth and thought in the tactile and sensuous works of art she has at her current Silos show ,   ‘ Excavations ‘ ,  in conjunction with fellow artist, Erik Hagen.   Also,  with the pieces she has in her Silos Studio 225, and WHL showroom also located in the Silos.  I have a delightful discussion with Ellen and I’m sure you’ll enjoy listening to us.  As I explained on podcast I’m becoming a travelling show, it makes it so much more enjoyable for me to visit studios in real time and experience the work of  Houston’s wonderful artists, like Ellen Ray who has a spacious, yet cozy space, where you can visit every second Saturday 12-5 or by appointment by contacting Ellen directly.




FB: EllenHRay

Silos #225


The Jung Center  www.junghouston.org

mfah.org (The Glassell Studio School)

PAST show: Excavations Gallery 200 At Silos at Sawyer Yards

Current Show: Seen and Unseen, Bosque Gallery, LoneStar College, Cypress, Texas Feb 27 thru April 9

Tea+ArtistsTalk  March 31,2020 1:30-2:15

Bosque Gallery/ Center for the Arts

9191 Barker Cypress Rd

Cypress, TX 77433     832  482 1038

All Open House March 31 8am   PLEASE CK GALLERY SITE FOR UPDATE ON COVID-19 restrictions

1502 Sawyer  SILOS STUDIO 225

Houston, TX 77007



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